"Here is the memory of the vineyard and work, of the earth, of the sun, of listening of time and the song of the seasons ”- Vittorio Frescobaldi

    Tenuta Luce

    In this sentence by Vittorio Frescobaldi, who twenty-five years ago in Montalcino, together with Robert Mondavi, gave life to the Tenuta Luce project, the essence of the vision that still today inspires the production philosophy of the Estate and its system of values ​​is summarized. “Knowing and respecting the land, the vineyard and the people who work there is an essential part of what we do. Human intelligence dialogues with the beauty of nature, the expression of the territory blends with its original interpretation.The harmony of Luce  is born from all this Therefore the words of Vittorio Frescobaldi – now Honorary President of the Compagnia de ‘Frescobaldi – acquire an even deeper meaning, so much so that they were chosen to “dress” in calligraphic style and with the lively colors of nature , the bottle of the twenty-fifth harvest of Luce, the 2017 vintage. An original and unprecedented “dress” for Luce, which identifies its unique personality: innovative twenty-five years ago, contemporary today. “It all started when, together with the Mondavi family, we found a” home “in Montalcino, a territory of choice for the production of great wines” – says Lamberto Frescobaldi, President of Marchesi Frescobaldi. After a quarter of a century, retracing each harvest with his memory and every chapter of its history, the awareness that Luce is born from respect for the uniqueness of that territory of which it is an expression emerges clearly. And it is in this extraordinary place that the precious balances that make Tenuta Luce special are realized and for this reason they are carefully preserved, from the vineyard to the bottle. An intangible heritage that the creators of Luce have been able to safeguard with great respect, the essential premise that inspires their system of values Respect. Land, beauty, people, intelligence.

    Luce’s vision of life’s values

    Montalcino Toscana.

    With the twenty-fifth vintage, Tenuta Luce wanted to summarize the essence of the passion that every single man puts into his work every day in the vineyard and in the cellar by letting Luce himself tell his story. Text, photos and images: this is how the path of Light is composed; in the book of 25 years the values of Light are described: respect, beauty, people, earth and intelligence, interpreted by the talent of the illustrator Anna Godeassi and the photographer Cris Toala Olivares; Anna Godeassi creates dreamlike and surreal images and worlds, writing a romantic tale of everyday life with colors and shapes. His extensive production includes painting, sculpture, installations, illustrations, advertising and video. For Luce, he represented the values on which his story continues to be founded. He has interpreted them by contextualizing them in the moments of consumption that are repeated, every day, all over the world, every time you taste a bottle of Light. “Through visual metaphors, I tried to personify wine which is both man and final product: the result of a life process in which earth, emotions, people, work revolve” – Anna Godeassi. Cris Toala Olivares is an explorer and photographer who devotes time and energy mainly to the stories he wants to tell. His alien approach to things places him as an observer fascinated by subjects, ready to understand them deeply. In his work he travels the world in search of images of nature and urban spaces. He has collaborated with many international agencies such as Reuters, AP and National Geographic. “For me, respect for people and nature remains the key, this is the main reason why I was so happy to be able to work for Luce, as his philosophy aligns perfectly with my style. During my stay in the undulating landscape of Montalcino I felt the passion, respect and dedication at every stage of the winemaking process. “- Cris Toala Olivares Summarizing all this on the glass of the bottle and in a book was a work dictated by the desire to give further shape to the passion that Vittorio Frescobaldi managed to translate into an iconic wine, Luce. “Knowing and respecting the land, the vineyard and the people who work there is an essential part of what we do. Human intelligence dialogues with the beauty of nature, the expression of the territory blends with its original interpretation. From all this comes the harmony of Light. ” Vittorio Frescobaldi

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