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    The history of Panettone Vergani is the story of a family that for four generations has preserved ,and handed down, values ​​and traditions of excellence. From the artisan workshop to industrial production, today the Vergani family are the only Milanese to produce Panettone on a large scale in Milan.It all began in 1944, in a small pastry shop in Viale Monza, in Milan.

    Angelo Vergani, an enterprising young man, in love with pastry and his hometown, starts his own business. These were difficult years, in the skies of Milan the echo of the bombing still resounds, but the desire to start over and the passion for work are stronger than any bomb.

    The authenticity of the ingredients and the continuous search for quality allow “al Vergani” to make itself known and appreciated in a short time by its fellow citizens and to specialize in the production of the real Milanese Panettone.Seventy-five years have passed and today from the laboratory in via Oristano (a few hundred meters from where the first patisserie was built) about a million panettone comes out a year, but each of them is special because it is made according to the ancient tradition and with the same craftsmanship and the original recipe of the past.

    Vergani Panettoni are also appreciated abroad: the company exports on various international markets, thus helping to disseminateThe real secret of Panettone is the natural yeast. The natural mother yeast created by Angelo Vergani is still used today, tied in a cloth and refreshed three times a day as the true Milanese tradition dictates.For seventy years, every day, for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, the same “mother” has been supplying the yeasts of Panettone Vergani. And it takes three days to make one.Making Panettone is an art: it is the longest and most complex preparation of any pastry. Quality of ingredients, artisan attention to detail and absolute respect for times and ideal leavening conditions to satisfy the “needs” of sourdough.This is the secret to obtaining a Panettone that respects the true Milanese tradition.

    The Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, the Gallery and… the Panettone.Milan is known in the world for some symbols and Panettone is undoubtedly one of them.The link between the city of Milan and Panettone has lasted for centuries, dating back to the Middle AgesVergani to make the Panettone less seasonal and not just the typical product of the Christmas holidays, has decided from  some years to serve it and sell it fresh every day for all passionate consumers by opening particular sales pointsHalfway between a shop and a café, the Vergani Boutiques are a tribute to a soft Milanese tradition. The place where fans of the sweet symbol of Milan can buy the real traditional Panettone “made in Milan” signed Vergani (and the special versions) always fresh, every day of the year, or allow themselves the luxury of starting the day with the original Milanese breakfast: a fragrant slice of Panettone

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