by Giansandro Cantori

    Photo by Roberto Quagli

    Venice Chic and Cool an extraordinary opportunity to discover a Venice that is different from how we are used to seeing it. Last year we had opened a small window with Bespoke details on a very special world, a combination of fashion, design, art and cinema, the real one that arrives in Venice in September once a year and which makes us live as if on a set, to give us the magic of the big screen, the great international productions, the stars, the red carpet with its arrivals, stars and starlets by motorboat and all dressed up as a great opportunity for the usual photos, the preview visions of the filmic works, the parties and then at the end the winners.

    So me too, I identified myself in the role of event producer and with the participation of the Caniff, fashion Film Festival of Toronto and the collaboration of friends like the family Donà dalle Rose, who with his Foundation  has always dealt and carried out works of patronage for culture, music , we built this event to coincide with the Venetian film festival. In its evolution, as fast as the times that distinguish the historical moment, it has been enriched with a container that my friend countess Chiara Donà has properly called Doge Red Carpet.

    Lots of events inside and outside the Palace which for more than 600 years has been inhabited by the same family that has the family tree even as the Doges.

    The award ceremony for the winning film took place at Palazzo Donà dalle Rose and the consacration of a project that saw its realization in the summer period with the remote training and meeting of a quality jury that viewed more than 80 films from 16 countries in the world.

    In the setting of the Nobile Palazzo , between a presentation of a book written by the hostess countess Chiara Donà, a charity market promoted by the well-known influencer Silvia Berri, we reached the grand finale where the winner is declared in all the festivals.

    The fifth of September has been proclaimed the winner of the First edition of Venice Chic and Cool Fashion Film Festival.

    The chosen one is Vogue USA titled “The it bag” narrated by Hamish Bowles and directed by Andrew  Meyers.

    A very special mention by Quality jury, “Vision of Tailoring, Kiton a story telling” narrated by Ciro Paone the founder of the brand.

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