Her first red carpet in Venice

    Photo by Roberto Quagli 

    Location Presidential Suite Molino Stucky Hilton Hotel

    Martina Hamdy, like the model Chiara Scelsi, was born in Sesto San Giovanni (near Milan) on January 13, 1994. Her beauty and her features declare her mixed origins, in fact her father is Egyptian and her mother is Italian. Before her career as a model she attended the art institute, and then enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture. Parallel to her studies, however, she continues her career as a model by participating in photo shoots and trying to finish her training path to fully dedicate herself to the world of entertainment.

    Before becoming a well-known face on TV, Martina Hamdy began studying architecture, also studying acting in the Centro Teatro Attivo in Milan. She immediately embarks on a modeling career that will lead her to participate in photo shoots. In 2012 she began her real career in the television world, in fact Antonio Ricci chooses her for his Veline program, but she is eliminated by Giulia Calcaterra and Alessia Reato. Although the experience did not go well, she still stands out above the others for her smile and her beauty, so much so that she was called as a commentator in many programs including Mai dire world with Gialappa’s band and Tiki Taka. From here her popularity increases, she gets the role of meteorina presenter of showing her naturalness in front of the cameras. He gets small roles in Mediaset fiction and some commercials. In 2018 he enters the house of Big Brother Vip. In 2021 she is the presenter of the Meteo on Canale 5.

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