Interview with Leila Altamirova by Claudia Cesiro

    following the silk road to find out the sense of luxury

    A wide silk texture in amethyst colour.  A pearl-gray cosmopolitan touch resting on his shoulder, or a soffran shade décor to his neck. The scarfs by Unio Paris are a symbol of elegance. For men, better for gentlemen. An ancient symbol of luxury for a modern lifestyle.

    Founded and designed by Leila Altamirova in 2016, Unio Paris is an emerging luxury brand charged of meaning.

    “The essence of Unio is “the treasure of life”, our scarfs are symbolic, they mean the most valuable things of life: love, strength, determination, not the material ones. Philosophy, history and beauty are all linked together into every single scarf, like their real representation”, In Leila’s words all the passion for this particular object comes out. This young designer has a very special life path that has led her from Asia to Europe. She was born in Russia under communism, she grew up in Kazakhstan and India, she completed her studies in Uk and finally she founds her home in France, where at the age of 31 founded Unio. Her path is exactly the same of the ancient silk road, wired coincidence.

    But why scarf?

    “Scarf history it’s very precious from the beginning of human history. In ancient Greek or Rome scarfs were used to cover the human body: for rituals in sacred temples they meant spiritual transformations, or they were used for distinguishing social roles. Later in Caucasus they were used as tool of peace and still today in the military world the scarf means different status and power. During the ’20 scarfs achieved the most important luxury status because they were reserved for gentlemen and aristocracy only”. The decoration of Unio comes direct from art deco, for a timeless elegance.

    All collections are just limited editions, they don’t repeat, like the real luxury. They are made in the exclusive size of 70cm x 220cm which reminds generosity and luxury. They are made just with most pure and precious silk of all over the world, and worked with French know-how. Wearied by artists like Nicky Helan or Jean-luc Bertand to icons like Robert Hussein, Unio is attracting the attention of women too. 

    Why does a woman decide to design for men?

    “It’s more sensual for a woman to design for men, men want to be seen through woman’s eyes. My scarfs also mean the link between men and women.”

    Today you find Unio scarfs in luxury boutiques, hotels and vip showrooms like Hotel Westin in Place Vandome, in NewYork, or in her hometown in Astana.

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