The gentleman cobbler

    Aubercy is a French shoemaker that specialises in high-quality, made-to-order, as well as ready-made shoes. The design house was founded by Endré and Renèe Aubercy in 1935, starting as a menswear boutique in the same location as the family’s existing store today. 

    The next generaton, Emile Aubercy, took over the brand in 1956 with a passion to improve the quality of readymade shoemaking and this passion has continued over the years passing on to his son Philippe and his wife in 1970 who then passed the torch to their son, Emile’s grandson, Xavier who took over in 1995. 

    Xavier Aubercy represents the third generation of the Aubercy family business. In his desire to perpetuate the values of the brand, he has reorganised the work to move even closer to artisan practices. Aubercy is committed to offering its clients a high degree of personalisation in footwear. Aubercy is now one of a very small number of shoemakers offering hand-welted ready-to-wear. “My grandfather wanted the best of both England and Italy – the finesse of the Italians but the sturdiness of the English,” Xavier says. “If you want something more Italian, you can go to Berluti or Corthay here in Paris. If you want something more English, Lobb or Green. We’ve always tried to combine the best of both.” 

    Their love and passion fueled the strength they needed to dedicate their whole lives to the art of traditional shoe making. A handmade shoe crafted in an artisanal family workshop with amazing leatherwork, but more importantly by providing a human dimension within the craft of the artisan, perpetuating the beauty of the handmade.

    As the last independent house in Paris, Aubercy was recognized as an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, a mark of recognition of the French State put in place to reward French firms for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.

    In its ready-to-wear collection, and for shoe lovers, Aubercy offers the Goodyear process with a welt that is still hand-sewn today. This is quite unique in the universe of shoemaking in Paris. The term Goodyear is often obscured by methods that have become more and more industrialized whereas at Aubercy, they persevere with the traditional method because they believe that each of their creations bears their name and requires a commitment to quality. 

    Being an independent, family owned house also provides Aubercy with the great privilege to prioritize creation and beauty for their  customers. It is because of this, their style and craft that Aubercy does not have just customers, but true lovers of footwear.

    Since 1935, for Aubercy, ready-to-wear has always been done with the utmost bootmaker spirit. This artisanal dimension gives the craft the most important dimension, but one of the unique characteristics of the house of Aubercy is their ability to offer their clients the option of having a unique pair of shoes created according to a client’s own taste, a really made-to-order and bespoke service which is the quintessence of shoe making and the ultimate for any shoe lover. 

    Xavier, a real gentleman, thought it essential to share their spirit for all things of beauty by dedicating a space in an elegant fashion and so created Club Lupin.

    The Club Lupin is a place to share beautiful things, through conversation, tasting and testing, “beautiful things ought to lead to beautiful encounters” says Xavier.

    “Rue Vivienne, or even in some secret and unexpected places in Paris”. 

    We can relate to Xavier and his desire to be surrounded by beautiful and quality products and have made a similar, special place in Milan with Be house, a place where one cans meet artisans, tailors, winemakers and watchmakers. All people linked to the same purpose of showing and developing and unrolling the red thread of quality from old Europe to share with the rest of the World.

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