The Emperor waltz’s collection

    Text by Giansandro Cantori – Photo by MAF Studio – Movie by Matteo Ziglioli

    When Carola, the daughter of Luciano Barbera, a great gentleman dandy from Biella ,who honors me with his friendship, called me to ask  if I wanted to take care of the communication for the men’s collection for next winter 2022/23, I had no hesitation in accepting this assignment. I wanted publicly thank Luciano for the good times spent in the companions of excellent characters that Luciano loved to put together during the events he was organizing in his years of work, and then I liked the idea of ​​exporting to the present day the image of a gentleman who has been defined years ago the most elegant man in the world.

    What remained in the passing of the baton from Luciano to the daughter Carola of these memories of a recent past and of a style, of an all-Italian habit of creating products that live in symbiosis with an international lifestyle concept? A lot, the family tradition, the classic canons of a timeless masculine elegance, combined with an exploration, reinterpretation of the contemporary, even an outdoor with a great image and truly informal use that make each garment of this collection an indispensable must have in every wardrobe. A modern-day gentleman.

    A look at the city and the countryside, today’s man is so much relaxed, but at the same time he never gives up on an elegant, comfortable, Italian image.

    We decided to take the photos and shoot the film in Milan which represents the ideal European city, a bridge connecting with the world and today also a city full of ideas and special meeting places. We set the shooting between Brera and the neighborhood, Garibaldi and the historic center of the city. Milan like Paris and London, great European capitals but also like Vienna, Tram, the almost Austro-Hungarian dialect. I immediately liked the idea of ​​setting the soundtrack in the past The waltz of the emperor by Johan Strauss father, a classic that can combine tradition modernity, think of the concert for the new year that has been repeated for many years Right in Vienna.

    The choice of places was not accidental. The Verga family who kindly lent their image and a moment of their activity of selling wonderful timepieces that passes from generation to generation and which this year makes its first 75 years old and then my favorite place for a nice aperitif The Radetzky, the name of the Austrian General well known in our city since time immemorial. And then a new face and primus inter pares Timothy Houlton British brand with great tradition, quality and culture, recently landed with its furniture items that are already recognized icons and present in many Milanese homes.

    Barbera has introduced sunglasses destined to become iconic in this collection.
    Light is the measure of time and time is a psychic, concept, but it becomes physical only when it is measured.
    It is the greatest luxury that we can possess. We took the liberty of proposing a special filter to look at the world and its light. Shielded from sunlight and protected from reflections thanks to Platinum Glasses lenses.
    It all starts with the fabric, the history of the family for cover 100 years.
    History hands down traditions and habits .by touching the fabric, Barbera imagine the garments and create them  looking for solutions based on manufacturing culture , which allow them to be transformed into garments in which the fabric embraces  and spoils those who buy  and wear them .Timeless , iconic and current garments.
    The lightness and awareness of a culture deep roots  can be summed up in “ entirely manufactured in Italy “ Barbera Label.

    Weightless fabrics, wool and cashmere from the best origins ,corroborated by the  skillful manufacturing of our territory , lead to surprising result , a cloud of warmth, the fit of a shirt , open button holes ,lapels, pocket s and shoulders….
    There is an Italian word to describe the ease and confidence with which one wears such a garment, contempt: Sprezzatura.
    A studied and deliberate spontaneous and neglected attitude to flaunt class without any effort and every occasion.
    This has always been the Family Barbera Mission.

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