The court of Renaissance Palazzo Antinori Corsini Serristori now Cecconi Roselli , hosts the Aquaflor Atelier Aquaflor Firenze is an exclusive Maison de Parfum founded in 2009  and fully represents the art and tradition of the Florentine artistic perfume Aqua or offers a collection of perfumes produced with rare and valuable raw materials from all corners of the world. These olfactory jewels are made on site in the Aqua or laboratories. They result from the skillful hand of nose  who, as alchemists and apothecaries of the past, works with intimate knowledge and great passion to realize these  creations. The collection includes Nobili di Aquaflor, Preziosi di Aquaflor, Parfums Rare, Colonie Fiorentine, Hydrating Waters, ambient fragrances, candles, and a refined line of cosmetics (soaps, baths, and body lotion Aquaflor, offers the unique opportunity to create a bespoke tailor made fragrance through an exclusive meeting in his atelier and a journey among more than one thousand precious essences. Along exclusive fragrances, Aquaflor offers a wide selection of workshops on aspects of boutique perfumery. Options are available both in personal perfumery and in the design and creation of ambient scents. A Kaleidoscope of fine fragrances. Complex and rare olfactory accords made for perfume enthusiasts,  a very limited series elaborated on the basis of the most precious essences: aoud, myrrah, Omani rose, osmanthus, and oriental ambers. The olfactorium contains an  important  collection of over a thousand raw  materials, including  natural  extracts and  aroma chemicals.

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