The Chic and Cool Christmas Market

    By Giansandro Cantori

    It is the event involving local and international excellence, which took place in recent days 12/18/2021, at the Milanese Philological Circle in the prestigious area of ​​the headquarters of the  big banks and the Teatro alla Scala.

    The event dedicated to style, quality, taylor made, but also fashion, design, art and culture; Chic and cool Christmas Market was a somewhat like a British container, an exhibition of craftsmanship excellence, brands, designers, vintage enthusiasts who sold and presented their products and also the secrets on how to create unique products ..

    Artisans and brands of fame and quality told their story and showed their savoir-faire through a weekend made up of exhibitions, installations, at the Milanese Philological Circle, a space that talks from the past to the present in pure new liberty style.

    Within the location and its adjacent spaces, we were surrounded by often exclusive objects.

    One for all the lounge created in collaboration with Timothy Oulton, a brand of great prestige and quality that produces furniture in the wake of a British life style now celebrated all over the world.

    The goal it set itself, the event. was to offer each of the participating brands a personalized experience that had the magic of Christmas as its protagonist, an evocative anticipation of the rite of Christmas celebrations located in a Large building of bourgeois Milan full of charm and creativity.

    This initiative was able to be realized with the presence of the ONLUS Foundation of the pediatric clinic in Milan with which a collaboration relationship was initiated.

    Among the guests who performed in the three evenings Alberto Fortis who re-proposed in live version on the piano some of his most famous songs such as Settembre, the Lilla chair. Strong impact and pathos in the performance of the master together with the violinist, classical Elsa Martignoni soul rock in a classical music score

    The PREMA acoustic duo of great impact and the crooner Pietro Grandetto also participated

    In a festive frame of public and committed to the choices of the latest purchases before Christmas, we had the presence of well-known influencers, specialists in communication on social media.

    This Christmas market despite the ongoing pandemic situation, which may have had objective socialization difficulties according to classic schemes that cannot be proposed at present, but was experienced by me as a promoter as an extraordinary opportunity to combine opportunities for the first time, during the Christmas period, of offline online communication and live entertainment, there is a desire and a need for music is an absolute glue and catalyst

    The big brother of this year is the word charity, charity, the difficult times we are experiencing have put us in front of different, more social, more humanizing and intimate choices.

    So when there is an opportunity to do something for this great NPO that deals with pediatric diseases, we did not think in a moment to help children who represent our future.

    We are talking about loving children who need help to get out of the darkness of an uncertain future and to do so if not looking through a collaboration with protagonists on the network with a large following like Silvia Berri and a sponsor of excellence like Shein who has chosen this event to send Christmas greetings to the Milanese.

    Among the brands of excellence present at the event we can mention DaRe the gastronomic specialties and the super artisan panettone by Luca Marchini from Modena, the Svevo cashmere with some of its iconic items, the extra luxury items sold in Cortina this season, the custom hand shoes made in Solazzo, a laboratory of great quality in Vigevano, Eddy Monetti international haberdashery for timeless classics, bijoux made By RVZ Della, Raffaella Verri Zorzi from Palermo, the Sinclair skincoat, The jewels of the new Brand Ness 1, and my garments that often accompany me in my iconic Avirex adventures products awaiting the release of Top Gun 2 in the cinemas to name a few of a wide selection of products present at this The Chic & Cool market

    Thanks to those who intervened and to those who could not but still accompanied us in this new Adventure and see you next year in the setting of this slightly shabby chic location compared to other cooler more fashionable  but with a legacy, content and cultural image of high lineage because to do good  can be  done it anywhere but is most beautiful in a magic place

    Because loving is not bought, not sold, not imposed with a knife to the throat, nor can it be avoided: loving happens. ” George Amado taught it to us and we understood it

    See you next year, goodbye.

    Foto and Video by : MAF Studio

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