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    For autumn-winter 2022-23 Vincenzo Attolini, creative soul of the STILE LATINO maison, draws on the great spectacle of nature, its mellow shades, its magical atmospheres, combining the romanticism of the Scottish countryside and the suggestions of a timeless and elegantly comfortable, a signature of menswear developed with skill and good taste by this noble Made in Italy brand. A world of exclusive refinement and sophisticated understatement that assembles a contemporary wardrobe made of exquisite sensitivity, craftsmanship excellence, authenticity and sovereign beauty.

    Softly deconstructed shapes, but at the same time aware of the male anatomy in homage to a typically Neapolitan soft tailoring, functional but elegant, free from cloying formalisms, are enhanced by a typically autumnal palette.

    In a suggestive seasonal symphony to the graphic rigor of black and white, the vibrant intensity of nuances such as rust and lapis lazuli blue up to periwinkle or very peri, the Pantone color of 2022, alternating with heath green and brown glacé.

    All of this is shifted to enveloping and light garments that are also warm and reassuring: from the coat in precious double cashmere and more comfortable than a bathrobe to the fitted hunting jacket in Shetland check with an urban stamp that surmounts the chiné turtleneck pullover, up to the skilfully unmodified pinstripe, and the high-waisted loose trousers like in the 30s to be worn with the jacket with lapels

    The regenerating force inherent in nature, mother and never stepmother, expressed by the twilight harmony of the autumn foliage sublimates the love of Vincenzo Attolini for a rarefied rural world which in the imagination of the Neapolitan couturier evokes not only a deep-rooted ecological sensitivity, but also a mantra of rebirth and perennial renewal that guides the inexhaustible cycle of nature.

    The fascination for chromatic research that pervades the collection suggests in an almost natural way a connection with armocromia, a scientific theory born in the United States that attributes emotional values ​​to colors starting from the complexion to enhance the natural beauty of each one, classifying the characters individual by associating them with the four seasons of the year with a particular focus on the psychological impact.

    It is an innovative formula that has also always been adopted by film costume designers who choose the colors of the clothes and accessories based on the temperament of the performer who will have to bring them to the set.

    Because as Vassili Kandinsky wrote: “Color is a power that directly affects the soul

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