By Giansandro Cantori

    Venice , half woman, half fish is a mermaid  who gets rid of a swamp on the Adriatic

    ( Jean Cocteau)

    Photo by Roberto Quagli

    Last week, to complete three days of very special events, full of charm, emotions and creativity, in a cultural container of great depth, took place the celebration evening of the first Fashion Film Festival created by The Chic and cool in collaboration with Canifff of Toronto and the Donà dalle Rose Foundation.

    In the splendid setting of the pool area of ​​the Molino Stucky, suspended over the Giudecca canal, in a fascinating evening made magical by the September suggestions of a Venice from the Red carpet for the concomitance of the International Film Festival, it was held with the collaboration of the friends of I Success and Fashion Tv International the closing night of the Venice Chic and Cool Fashion Film Festival.

    The celebrations were accompanied by a rich cocktail party with the collaboration of the Hilton Hotel chefs , and the partners of  the evening’s official supplier, Bottega vines and spirits , Rozoy Picot champagne and Caviar Giaveri who delighted the palate of the guests, numerous, and in compliance with the Anti Covid rules.

    The evening took place in a scenic and fairytale setting, and focused on the presentation of the international awards that I Succes, an international brand producer of international formats relating to the world of cinema and entertainment, wanted to recognize characters who have distinguished themselves in various professional fields, and due to their presence in Venice, some of the qualities of jurors of the  jury of Venice Chic and Cool. 

    I thank the official partner of Venice Chic and cool the Foundation Donà dalle Rose, who attended the evening with friends and their  very welcome guests such as a family of Doges who wanted to give in addition to her working contribution also a moral seal to the event with the presence of the whole family.

    I thank all the friends and guests present on this wonderful occasion, for giving me in a period of pandemic, the possibility of having a selected audience of over 350 guests who wanted to celebrate with us the first we hope of a long series of editions of Venice the Chic and Cool Festival

    I am thrilled to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. An award is always a welcome thing, it is a wish and a viaticum for a successful career path and a hope for something that has yet to happen. A starting point for a new adventure.

    Goodbye Venice and Giudecca, with a special greeting to my friend Antonello De Medici, general manager of Hilton Venice see you all again the next year.

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