by Lorenza Morello

    They say  all people should take a trip alone, at least once in their lifetime. I, perhaps, have exaggerated. My father put me on the first plane alone in pre-school age entrusting me to a stewardess, I had the documents attached to a document holder put around my neck like a talisman and we would see each other again in a month. He sent me to England to perfect my “dirty” English for American slang, I should only call if there were any problems. I didn’t call. When I felt alone I would clench my fists and teeth like a little boxer … the month passed and when I returned I was much older than a month before. And then, in a flash, high school, university, master, phd, everything always a little bit in Italy is a bit abroad and I became a woman who also travels for work.

    Maybe someone like me just can’t stand still and so it was inevitable … Women who travel for work are now an increasingly established reality and of which, without a shadow of a doubt, I have been a full member for more than twenty years. The business travel sector has historically been characterized by the predominance of the male component. However, in the last decade, women have also begun to travel frequently for work. This evolution has meant that airlines and accommodation facilities invested time and resources to understand the needs and habits of women in business travel. And what are the differences compared to male colleagues.

    The first trend that studies and research show in working women is the increase in their business trips. According to some research, in fact, women have increased the frequency of their air travel by 25% in the last 10 years. In addition, business travelers tend to plan travel more in advance than men and hardly cancel the business trip. Employees book on average two days earlier than male colleagues. Although the difference seems negligible, this allows companies to significantly reduce travel costs. Women who travel for work are thus able to win the best fares, saving 2% of the average ticket price. In general, it can be said that all managers who have been traveling for work for many years, who therefore have more experience in the sector, tend to be more foresighted. More mature business travelers, both men and women, tend to book flights 55 days in advance. If, on the other hand, the trips do not require particular stopovers, the tendency is to organize them at short notice.

    Another study conducted by Booking confirms the tendency of working women to travel alone for business. 72% of them say they enjoy traveling solo. Only 27% of the men interviewed, on the other hand, agree with this statement. On the other hand, 45% of travelers admit that they do not feel comfortable and safe when traveling. It is therefore important to be able to meet the needs of this new customer segment by exploiting technology. There are several online communities born to suggest advice and tips to those who decide to travel alone. Some hotel chains and airlines are trying to cater to customers’ needs. For example, by avoiding giving women traveling alone the center seat in the row of seats on an airplane.

    Over the years, many mobile apps have been created for the safety of female travelers. They are based on the geolocation system that allows everyone to always know where they are. Some use sounds and light signals to attract attention or ward off any malicious people. Others allow you to send emergency calls or quickly send a request for help via SMS. As for me, I admit that the feeling of freedom and courage that one feels when traveling alone at twenty is unique. You feel invincible, there are no insuperable obstacles. At twenty, deciding where and with whom to stay is not easy. Mine has been an incredible and often tiring journey, but solo travel has helped me much more than I could never imagined. At the end of each day it doesn’t matter how hard it was but that you -yes, you!- made it on your own, and you feel happy.

    Every woman should take at least one trip alone in life. You learn to know yourself, reaching the mentality and the perspective to face life with the awareness of who you are. I enjoyed traveling alone for the most disparate reasons and in the most unexpected places, but at the same time I tried to understand who the real me was, what I wanted from life, how much I was really worth. … Maybe, on my next trip, I’ll find out.

    If a swallow does not make spring, instead, a nice pair of sunglasses catapults us directly onto a beach with palm trees, a nice mojito to sip and a very hot bright sun. Even in the most intense periods, believe me, the right sunglasses can make us immediately emanate very positive vibes and appear cool and relaxed to be the most fashionable throughout the journey. We know how important it is to choose a pair of sunglasses that represent us and express our personality… I have two full drawers at home. Whattaboutyou?  

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