Our Portofino by Giansandro Cantori

    Portofino is more than a place. More than a word. Portofino is a unique “thing”: it is its legend, its past and present. An amazing marina, the most exclusive of all Europe, where the Mountain plunges into the sea and, in between, flows the most authentic Italian Dolce Vita. The Dolce Vita of aristocratic parties, in- dustry magnates, artists, stylists, journalists, innova-tors and actors, who decade after decade praise, with their discrete pre-sence, the beauty of this coastal town, arriving from sea or land, to unwind and indulge in beauty. “I found my love in Portofino…” It is easy, like Fred Buscaglione used to sing, to fall in love with this bay. Being a real part of this place is a privilege granted to a very few people: the town residents (restaurant owners, shopkeepers and seafaring wor- kers), and the eminent people (according to etymology: outstanding) who spend their time here, who do not like heavy worldliness nor enjoy massive attention-seeking, and who choose to live every single moment of their life to the fullest. The Portofino Yacht Club is part and parcel of this unbelie-vable scenery, a fastly growing entity and a point of reference for those who love sea life and this little wonder overlooking the Ligurian Sea: club members, VIPs arriving on their yachts, fellows who will spend time at the club house and follow the YCP activities with dedication. The pages you are about to read di- sclose the release of Bespoke Portofino Yacht Club official magazine: an issue for a selected public and which I am honored to edit.

    I have to thank the friends at the YCP and particularly “commodore” Gio’ Copello who, as art director and official photographer of the magazine, tailored the concept of the publication.

    It was his intuition, him also being a mountain-lover, to combine the en-chanting sea with the high peaks reaching over three thousand meters in a photographic instant book of superlative level. Bespoke has brought to an international audience its knowledge of unique and exclusive qualities. You will find stories of successful businesses in the world of catering and that of a family who has been selling the finest pieces and best brands on the watch market in Milan for the last 75 years as well as many memories from the exciting story of La Gritta, the oldest, most historical venue in Portofino. A tender love story unfolds among the alleys, the square and the port of Portofino, with splendid clothing and accessories worn for us by Beatrice and Jivago.

    We are sure you will appreciate the elegant layout, content and topi- cs covered. We look forward to seeing you next year with an even richer edition, same peaks, same sea. ⚫

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