A “temple” dedicated to the culture of Italian cuisine, its tools and excellence at the table.

    We are in the heart of Florence, in Piazza Ognissanti. In an exceptional location, a deconsecrated Renaissance chapel in the complex of the church of San Salvatore in Ognissanti, Officine Gullo places its House: a meeting place in which to present its most iconic products, but above all to invite its guests to embark on a journey sensorial, culinary and historical within the great Florentine tradition.

    The Officine Gullo House is a unique space of its kind, where the state of the art of Officine Gullo kitchens meets the great history of the city of Florence. Visiting it is an exclusive experience that combines high gastronomy and culture: a real ritual, which celebrates the city, its art, its culinary tradition and its craftsmanship.

    Upon arrival, guests are greeted with an aperitif on the origin of modern cuisine in Renaissance Florence and then accompanied on an exclusive visit to the church of Ognissanti, outside the opening hours to the public, through a passage that allows access directly from the House. . The church of Ognissanti is a Florentine jewel, rich in artistic treasures: from the Crucifix by Giotto to the frescoes by Ghirlandaio and Botticelli, who is buried here together with Amerigo Vespucci and Carolina Bonaparte. Once back, the aperitif continues with a cocktail, or a wine tasting, in the bar area upstairs, to culminate around the large table of the House for the placée dinner: a convivial moment in which the unique opportunity is offered to taste the delicacies of the best chefs, prepared before your eyes with Officine Gullo cooking tools.

    The space has been expertly renovated by the Milanese studio SuperSpatial, which has been able to renovate the place by inserting new forms to those typically Renaissance and to maintain its sacredness and the elements that tell its historical past, creating real spaces of transition between the ancient and the modern.

    Together with the man in the center.

    Two great Tuscan entrepreneurial realities meet to combine their skills in a common path. Two companies one step away from the industrial dimension, but still family-sized in the field of excellent craftsmanship, team up to reaffirm that man can still be, with all rights, at the center of the scene.

    We are in the Tuscany of the Medici, that of Caterina who greatly influenced the encounter between French cuisine and Italian cuisine in the 16th century. We are in the Tuscany of the Medici villas such as those of Poggio a Caiano, where for centuries crowds of cooks and pastry chefs have moved in gigantic environments, among very high fireplaces, fires, ovens and stoves, to prepare refined recipes for the Grand Dukes, for their courts and for their international guests. Cooks and fires who have made a substantial contribution to Tuscan history and politics.

    The Tessieri School, a true atelier of the culinary arts, is committed to Higher Education for chefs and pastry chefs, both for those who approach the profession for the first time, and for professionals who want to specialize or update themselves in the various sectors of gastronomy . The headquarters are in Ponsacco, in the heart of the DOC Terre di Pisa, and with its 800sqm of multipurpose spaces it is configured as the largest school in central-southern Italy. The founder is Alessio Tessieri, the man who created and produces Noalya chocolate, or chocolate from both cocoa grown on his own plantation in Venezuela, and with the personal control of the production chain and its sustainability and ethics.

    Officine Gullo defines itself as an international company with an absolutely family soul. The founder Carmelo Gullo, now supported by his sons Pietro, Andrea and Matteo, has managed to create an extraordinary union between tradition and avant-garde, between craftsmanship and precision engineering. Each kitchen, equipped with the most up-to-date technological discoveries, is always a tailor-made product, tailored to the needs of the customer and rigorously finished by hand. Practicality and refined aesthetics are always the characteristics of the final product.

    A bespoke design that has its roots in the best Italian craftsmanship tradition, supported by a sophisticated knowledge of precision mechanics.

    The collaboration between Scuola Tessieri and Officine Gullo was born as a logical consequence of the meeting of these two complementary and contiguous worlds, both dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Two realities that produce culture in the most concrete sense of its meaning. Scuola Tessieri represents professionalism in gastronomic knowledge, in the techniques of preparation and elaboration of dishes, while Officine Gullo is able to provide the most technologically advanced tools declined in an exclusive and elegant guise. Technology, aesthetics and ergonomics make Gullo kitchens unique, created to make people feel able to cook in their own home as real chefs in their own restaurant and it is precisely this aspect that the chefs of Scuola Tessieri are called to highlight.

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