Love is the protagonist of the new single played by the singer together with her historic guitarist. Special audio and video preview for Valentine's Day and cuddle with sweetness in the pandemic era, waiting for the new album ...

    The chic & cool is pleased to offer this preview on Valentine’s Day to all its readers

    The new single by Noa is released on February 12, 2021 on all major digital music platforms! The international singer has chosen a jazz standard that represents her desire to communicate love to the world, which is necessary, indispensable and irreplaceable especially in this critical phase of human history. MY FUNNY VALENTINE, a congenial celebration for the anniversary of the day of lovers, is the first single to anticipate the AFTERALLOGY album, released in her studio in the pandemic era together with guitarist Gil Dor, with whom she has been collaborating for over thirty years.

    “This is by far my favorite song – says Noa – I think I’ve performed it hundreds of times since the first day of my career and it’s amazing how every time I sing it I discover something beautiful in it, like feelings and a special way. in which it was written. I also believe that it is a very relevant piece for our times: today everyone works to be artificially perfect and adequate in a society that is based exclusively on appearance; this song, on the other hand, seems to repeat ‘I love you for who you are and because it matters what is inside you’. It is pure and true love, that is, someone who accepts us for who we really are, and that is why I thought that the best way to interpret it was not to ‘dirty’ it with virtuosity or vocal convolutions but to follow a simple vocal line that would highlight the specific emotion emanating from the essence of the piece. And also the ending, which every time I listen to it causes me a great melancholy yearning, was naturally generated by our sentimental improvisations and could not have been better together with Gil, also thanks to our long-lasting collaboration. These are sensations that are generated from very deep and distant places and which have the merit of uniting a multitude of different human beings through listening to the same song, in the hearts of everyone’s hearts “.

    In the entire recording project, only voice and guitar, to be released at the end of April, pieces by authors, poets and composers close to Noa have been selected for style, thought and content: among these Cole Porter, Lea Goldberg, Pat Metheny, Leonard Bernstein , Rodgers & Hammerstein and many others. A continuous dialogue between Noa and Gil that decades later can confirm, as the title of the album itself suggests, that “after all” the two of them are still here, more present than ever …

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