Modulnova, when excellent music becomes the testimonial of great author’s design.

    Modulnova this year wanted to amaze us with sounds and music, on the occasion of the design week with an unmissable appointment, a private concert with the poetry and notes of Fabio Concato and then made everyone dance to the notes of a soundtrack mixed and orchestrated by an old acquaintance of ours Ravin D.J.resident of the Bhudda bar in Paris.

    I want to thank the Presotto brothers, owners of Modulnova, for their friendship and sensitivity a very welcome gift to all friends and customers

    The combination of two systems, Frame and Blade, gives rise to the project presented by Modulnova at its flagship store in Milan on the occasion of Milano Design Week 2022. A sophisticated setting features warm shades and precious materials, such as solid walnut wood and Bianco Lasa marble, perfectly blending with the elegant Dust metal finish. 

    The design project develops around the Frame island, a central element that defines its style. Doors are presented in a new version that combines marble panels with a walnut frame around it, thereby enhancing its exclusive appeal. The natural elegance of the material is further highlighted by a precious detail of continuous veining across the entire surface. The island features a sense of lightness: the thickness of the worktop is reduced to 12 mm and the supporting side panel is only 6 mm thick, disappearing behind the door so as not to reveal the overlapping materials. Furthermore, the entire composition is almost suspended thanks to the presence of a 10 cm support positioned at the bottom. Great attention is given to detail, giving the design project essential, clean lines and formal sophistication.

    All surfaces in Bianco Lasa marble have the ‘Azerocare’ finish, a treatment certified and patented by Antolini, guaranteeing maximum protection against water and oil, stains and corrosion. A boiserie defines the space, with a harmonious interplay of materials, volumes and colours. The continuity between the island and the vertical elements is mainly provided by the presence of solid walnut, which defines the edge of the Blade door in the new Edge version with a Dust Bronze metal finish. 

    This detail is the leitmotif of the entire design project and it can be found in all its elegance in the bookcase, also featuring a Dust Bronze metal finish with a solid walnut front profile. The choice of extremely narrow shelves, 1 cm thick, detached from the wall, adds lightness to the composition while highlighting the stability and high quality of the materials used.

    For the bookcase, which extends to the living area, Bianco Lasa marble is, once again, the key feature with a different texture to the Frame island. Marble is used here for the back panel combined with Bronze Dust aluminium, in adjacent alternating depths. This aspect is further enhanced by vertical slits of light that highlight the material quality of the stone. Vertical design is a consistent feature of the wall system, also provided with the impressive height of spectacular Blade Edge tall units and the presence of niches. 

    The new Blade Edge system offers plenty of scope for customising interior spaces, starting with the back panels, which can also be cladded in other materials such as Milltech or Dust metal finishes. The new system offers shelves that can be accessorised. Ideal as worktops and as shelves for glasses, they can be complemented with an extensive range of customised elements and accessories from Modulnova.

    Designers: Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello

    The Frame system gives the living area formal balance and stylistic and chromatic consistency thanks to harmonious elements, materials and finishes, in keeping with the idea of integrated design that defines the style of Modulnova.

    The focus is on large doors in Eucalipto with a Raw textured finish, which ensure the room has exceptional storage space. The vertical design of the doors is flanked by a horizontal element, an impressive suspended shelf, also featuring the Eucalipto Raw finish, thus creating an attractive contrast of volumes within a wall system, where each element contributes to defining a dynamic interplay of thicknesses and depths.

    Eucalipto Raw also becomes a contrasting feature of the boiserie with its predominant MilltechMetal Ref finish, giving rise to a highly elegant material and colour contrast, enhanced by LED lighting that marks the boundary between the two elements, bringing a warm atmosphere to the room. 

    The solution is complemented with a suspended sideboard with a satin lacquered Fokos Rocciafinish, a table with an iron frame and a Vintage Gris stoneware top. The distinct personality of these elements provide aesthetic and formal characteristics that contribute to completing a harmonious ensemble within a system offering contemporary and versatile appeal.

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    Modulnova, when excellent music becomes the testimonial of great author's design. Modulnova this year wanted to amaze us with...

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