Lunaz delivers world’s first electrified open air ‘James Bond’ Range Rover Safari

    “Lunaz has become known for elevating the most beautiful and elegant classic cars in history. With  this Range Rover, we’re doing something different. We’re showing that our incredibly detailed and  exacting approach can be applied to more playful icons, so they can be enjoyed for their own sake.  I believe that this stunning electrified restomod captures this perfectly, elevating the Range Rover  

    Classic to a place that perfectly marries its utility with a contemporary and precisely executed new  interior and exterior design treatment.” 

    David Lorenz, Founder, Lunaz  

    Lunaz announces its latest elevated electrified classic car – a 1983 short wheelbase Range Rover  Safari. This open-top model – the same variant as driven by James Bond in the 1983 movie  Octopussy – has undergone significantly different treatment to fixed-roof classic electric Range  Rovers previously elevated by Lunaz. In particular, the body and chassis have been substantially  reinforced to maintain its strength and stability without a roof, and to provide a robust platform  for the uprated fully electric powertrain. Despite the significant structural improvements, the  original exterior coachwork is identical to the original. This commission is finished in a one-off  ‘Maya Blue’ with a dark blue mohair convertible hood, specified by the client. 

    The interior design and appointment of the car were a focal point for the client. To that end, this  car represents the most extensive interior development of any car elevated by Lunaz: it is now  unrecognisable from the original. It includes significant ergonomic and technological  improvements – a valuable learning for Lunaz as a further 50 build slots of electric Range Rover  Classics are now available, and all will benefit from these innovations. 

    The original spartan dashboard and interior have been replaced with a new and extended 3D  printed console, which was designed, developed and manufactured in-house over a two-year  period. This design will feature in all future electric Range Rovers elevated by Lunaz. 

    The composite centre console integrates an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-enabled  infotainment screen, which is also the display for the reversing camera, as well as digital controls  for the modern air conditioning and heating system as well as USB-C ports for device charging. The  expansive piece is finished in rich Mocca Walnut wood, which has been contemporised with a  weatherproof satin lacquer. 

    Seating within the car has also been completely redesigned to improve aesthetics, comfort and  ergonomics. Both driver and passenger seats are heated and use proprietary padding materials  developed for Lunaz’ upcycled Rolls-Royce and Bentley models. All seating has been retrimmed in  soft but hardwearing leather and incorporates the brand’s signature fluting, wherein a second  material type is introduced. For the Range Rover Safari, an innovative waterproof and chlorine resistant textile was selected – the knitted composition recalls the hardwearing jackets used on  sporting estates. The interior alone was the product of more than 1,000 collective hours of  development and production. 

    The 280kW powertrain has been configured to the owner’s preference and produces 375 bhp. In  addition to the significant increase in power, the electric powertrain produces zero emissions, a major improvement on the original V8 engine’s 360g/km CO2. To manage the additional torque,  the Range Rover Safari by Lunaz has been upgraded with adjustable dampers and bespoke springs,  six- and four-piston disc brakes fitted to the front and rear respectively, as well as regenerative  braking. It retains the original vehicle’s segment-defining wading depth of 500mm and all original  approach, breakover and departure angles.  

    This commission continues a trend wherein Lunaz has become a focal point for the world’s young,  dynamic green technology and sustainability entrepreneurs. Over the past three years, a growing  number of these individuals have gravitated naturally to the brand – one that not only brings  together both their professional and personal interests, but now also introduces them to a unique  community of like-minded peers. 

    As a business optimistic about the world’s ability to innovate and drive growth in response to the  climate emergency, Lunaz sees elevating classic cars as a positive, life-affirming vision of a clean air future. In it, sustainability does not involve joyless compromises, or repudiating these beautiful,  historically significant machines, which themselves represented the apex of automotive  technology in their own age. Rather, the Lunaz elevation process improves them in every  conceivable way, making them as clean, sustainable and usable as the new generation of electric  vehicles while retaining all their innate character, romance and magic. 

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