We met with great pleasure the twins Mariano and Walter De Matteis, two young Neapolitan gentlemen, sons of our friend Totò CEO of Kiton.
    I decided to take some shots with them , and we asked them to wear KNT garments for us, lending themselves to be rich testimonials of their youth, sympathy, unconventionality, as is the collection they conceived, third generation of the family and masterminds

    behind KNT,and an eclectic tutor as Moreno Ferrari who completes the team .
    It is always a great pleasure for me to meet the Kiton tribe and their Shaman at the headquarters in Milan, Via Pontaccio, the heart of the Milano “della scapigliatura” in Brera, until recently the residence of the master Gianfranco Ferrè The Genius Loci now passed into the hands of the Paone family, could not find a more worthy and competent witness than the Maison Kiton.

    This Fall Winter 2021 collection also confirms year after year the perpetuation of what quality means in this profession, which is based like all arts and manual activities, of secrets and rituals that rely on the concept of Quality, a mantra that Ciro Paone the founder of the Brand, passed on to his heirs allowing the Neapolitan maison to become one of the great international testimonials of Italian know-how.

    The mission is to reinterpret his classics in a current version, but always responding to those styles that have made classicism and innovation, also through the use of technological materials and increasingly noble fibers, to make these products an absolute reference of masculine elegance. .Pause. Inhale. Exhale. Forced immobility cannot stop the imagination.

    That’s why, for the Fall-Winter 2021-22 collection, the twins KNT the disruptive part of Kiton, the leading brand of tailored elegance, analyzed their obsessions to expand the vision and bolster brand’s urban, dynamic and modern soul. But they also went beyond the city limits exploring the wider world and introducing extreme outdor pieces. KNT and Kiton are equivalent both in terms of quality and positioning, they simply speak a different language, directed at those who express themselves through the fast- paced tools of contemporary culture as a matter of age.

    KNT is active in both form and concept. A sporty flair runs through the entire collection, while the staples of tailoring and luxury keep the looks far from the clichés of streetwear. The look is sharp, but fluid in perception: each item is wardrobe classic and becomes genderless, for both men or women.

    The two souls of the brand perfectly coexist: handcraftsmanship, part of the Kiton tradition since the beginning, meets the spirit of performance with fabrics borrowed from the world of sportswear. The flawless pinstriped suit is tailored in lightweight printed nylon, rather than cashmere, while lumberjack shirts and tops usually made with synthetic fleece fabric are crafted with precious cashmere that evoke that texture. Everything is designed for everyday comfort, whilst not forgetting the sophisticated aesthetic.

    Knitwear is inspired by sweaters and hoodies, the trousers by tracksuits and cargo pants. The colour palette is deliberately concise: white, blue, black and , gray, while red – , the color of the iconic “Red Dot Kiton” stands out The De Matteis’ twins’ passion for sport allowed them to evoke a more directional part of the collection: mega puffers designed for the freezing cold are suitable for both the ski slopes and city winters.

    They became instant classics both in their monochrome version and in the exclusive camouflage, the only pattern along where the logo is graphically reinterpreted as part of the contour maps . Varsity jackets, the reinterpretation of the MA1 bomber and long padded coats complete the outerwear range. KNT will also launch the first drop of a capsule collection: a limited edition of 100 pieces.

    After posing for the Chic & Cool, I ask Walter and Mariano to come up with me to take a couple of shots with The Father who is waiting for us in the immense hall of the Kiton Showroom. I propose to wear two of the most representative jackets of the new collection, but they insist on wearing their blue and gray ones. Now that we took our shots, reviewing them, I understand why. The father and them are harmoniously blended in color and style, which differ only in cut and model. The rest is an interpretation of a common soul that’s of Kiton quality.

    The private and public spheres of our lives are totally blended. Kiton’s Fall Winter 2021-22 collection starts from here. We are not talking about revised leisurewear or sportswear, but, considering the heritage of the brand from Arzano, a small town near Napoli, it’s an innovative shift in their approach tomenswear.

    Oneyear ago the trend involved living most of our time in gathering places, nowadays our homes have regained their original role as a central hub. Their exclusive living functions expanded, turning them in workplaces and relaxation locations at the same time. Consequently our wardrobe evolved, blurring the boundaries between “executive” looks and home-wear.

    The collection uses great tailoring expertise to upgrade the comfortable part that once was just for leisure, while maintaining its100% Made in Italy DNA: the more intimate part of our lives, influenced by theconceptual formality of suiting, establishing a new style. Jackets, made with ultra-precious and exclusive cashmere yarns, are perfectly tailored, but become cosier when worn with their collars raised, for a more laid back approach. Big checks, hound stooths, herringbones and small woven motifs span from dark to light grey along with the full autumnal palette ranging from maple- leaf bordeaux, to musk green. From the browns of the forest to blue , the colour that should never be missed in a gentlemen’s closet. So the comfy mood of the collection has renewed and warmed up Kiton’s traditional bright colour selection.

    The suit separates and rarely keeps its original entirety, the wearer’s personal style will do the rest, matching the pieces. Cashmere knitwear becomes more important proposed in different weights and finishes: irish Aran inspired sweaters, from micro warp and weft to wide geometrical motifs, from hoodies to oversized cardigans, the new cosy luxury version of the classic coat.

    Trousers soften as well, borrowing the drawstring waist from joggers while maintaining tailored construction, wider on the top and more narrow on the bottom. Vicuña fabric, a signature of Kiton’sexcellence, while still used for handmade luxury suits, is now transformed into leisure items like padded jackets and pullovers.

    Sneakers are pivotal in the collection and even influence more classic shoes styles, turning them into new solutions to be worn with blazers and deluxe tracksuits. The cashmere version of the trainers evolves with the collection’s palette following the success of their debut last season.

    The home is a cosy place to live and Kiton transforms its gorgeous cashmere knitwear into a series of throw cushions and matchingblankets, to better enjoy a night on the chesterfield watching a movie or catching up on a favorite series.

    The pandemic was and is a terrible, unexpected thing that has changed the ways, roles, habits of each of us. I always see things in a positive way, the glass half full, being messy, sloppy, neglected does not help us. status and mood and not even our health.

    I am also convinced that our immune system will be busy recognizing the codes of the virus and we will not have to forget the codes of beauty, because only the miracle of beauty that is perpetuated every day, an extraordinary natural vaccine, will save our lives from the ugliness of a world gone mad.

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