Hands of Naples Salon of Excellence

    Salon of Excellence is an event founded in 2011 by Aleksandar Đorđević of DeGorsi Luxury consulting.

    The event was designed as a platform aimed at the valorization and promotion of handmade products of the highest quality and elegance. During the previous editions of this manifestation – held in numerous fashion centers including Florence, Milan, Paris, Vienna, New York, Zagreb, Opatija, Porto Montenegro – some of today’s most important artisans, masters of handwork, and their creations, which are completely handmade, ranging from tailor-made suits, tailor-made shoes, shirts and accessories, watches, jewelry, etc.

    This year, a new Salon of Excellence in Belgrade is dedicated to artisans from NAPLES, members of the prestigious organization LE MANI DI NAPOLI (Hands of Naples), which gathers the most important craftsmen from Naples and Italy in the domain of men’s elegance, which are the best representatives of HAND MADE IN ITALY.

    The entire event is realized by DeGorsi Luxury Consulting in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy in Serbia and the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade – and is held within the Italian Fashion in Belgrade event, as an important promotion of the culture of Italy, and the extraordinary handmade Neapolitan and Italian clothing objects. During the opening, on Wednesday, May 15, from 6 p.m., at the Italian Institute of Culture at Kneza Milos 56, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of the most luxurious clothing items handmade in Naples, selected by the curator of the Salon of Excellence / Le Mani di Napoli exhibition Alex Dordevic, who during the evening will also moderate a symposium on the topic of HANDWORK IN THE ERA OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) with the participation of Le Mani di Napoli organization member artisans. The opening address will be given by the well-known fashion expert, aesthete and president of Le Mani di Napoli, Mr. Giancarlo Maresca.

    The Salon of Excellence exhibition will feature the creations of the following artisans and houses of supreme men’s elegance: Sartoria Formosa suits, Alberto Nolano shirts, Gala Gloves, Paolo Scafora shoes, Alberto Voglio pants, Melina Napoli leather clothing, Napoli accessories by Barbarulo, Sartoria Sabino, suits by Sartoria Dalcuore, ties by Calabrese.

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