Eleventy men’s Fall Winter Collection and Teckell Touch – Part Two

    Every time we come across something “precious and unique”, we feel like we are surrounded by “magic”.


    A praise to elegance and harmony, which is an essential part of our way of seeing life at 360 degrees.

    This is why we call it “Eleventy world”: which all of that represents our private and exclusive way of looking at the lifestyle.

    With Eleventy home we represent our way of conceiving the home house, in a discreet and elegant way, with an essential but precious design and a dedicated particular focus on the physical and mental wellbeing.

    A cashmere blanket resting on placed over a sofa with a lit fireplace and with the view of a snowy valley.

    A delicate and pleasant image, which was the inspiration for the creation of special objects items.

    An intense exaltation of the senses. Starting with from the sense of smell: with the natural aromas of our candles and home diffusers; to the smooth and gentle touch of our cashmere textile accessories such as soft knitted pillows with Swiss pine shavings inside, which help contribute to improve mental and physical wellbeing; a dream and a vision an inspiration that led us to the true mood of the new Fall Winter 22/23 collection.

    At the center of this imaginary environment as the absolute protagonist of the 50s architecture design, with a sober and precious design appearance, there is the original and iconic “Italian table football”.

    The Teckell touch.

    A true tribute to the rationalist and minimalist Italian design made exclusively by professional craftsmen in limited series.

    A masterpiece of materials and craftsmanship that strongly characterizes symbolizes our idea of “home” space and lifestyle.

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