Eleventy men’s Fall Winter Collection and Teckell Touch – Part One

    Every time we come across something “precious and unique”, we feel like we are surrounded by “magic”.

     “Good vibes and well-being are the key elements of a laid-back yet luxury world that I wish to deliver in every collection. A lifestyle or way of being that perfectly represents our history, our path, and the values of our Company” states Marco Baldassari, founder, and creative director of Eleventy’s men’s collections.

    For the Fall Winter 22_23 the sartorial heritage of the Eleventy world walks hand in hand with innovation, a melting pot of past and future whose mix of materials, styles and colors meet in a winter collection featuring a strong contemporary flair.

    Coats are offered in precious and reversible 14 microns “extra fine” wool or cashmere, the result of 14-16 hours manufacturing, to become soft and unique garments – enveloping, light and ethereal yet warm, a timeless piece in everyone’s wardrobe.

    Jackets and suits rigorously undergo hand-made processes and are the rendering of a new formal elegance.

    Jackets, blousons, 500 lines corduroy bombers combine comfort and sophistication in laid-back new fits and are manufactured with precious hand stitching and sartorial details.

    This season’s knitwear is contemporary and refined, thanks to sought-after finishing techniques and special treatments. Knits are inflated by reeling, then softened with special washings and smoothened with double or triple raising steps. Balance – Slowly – Quiet are the key words embroidered on extra-fine and super soft merino knits. 

    The knitwear proposal broadens to new down jackets made with knitted parts or ribbed edging, soft and elegant blazers, cardigans, and sweatshirts in color-block.

    The leisure time offer involves joggers and sweatshirts all made with the best cashmere, Sea Island and Giza cotton.

    Bottoms include 5 pockets denims manufactured with ancient and very rare weaving shuttles capable of making exclusive selvedged denim and part of our craftsmanship heritage. Unique and refined garments that tell the story of tradition and innovation. Limited number pieces that require a long manufacturing timing and are only available in a restricted offer.

    Skilled research of exclusive color shades

    Mixed colors are the result of careful studies and experiments that have led to an original and exclusive balance between half and full shades.

    Very light colors, never dull, ranging from plaster to honey up to ash grey.

    A touch of ruby color, shades of a winter sky arraying blue grey, dampened autumn green and yellow leaves.

    The essence of the Eleventy world is the study of colour, exclusive and distinctive.
    Very light tones, refined and always one of a kind, from chalk to honey to ash grey; a touch of ruby, then the colour of the winter sky (gray blue), the dull green of autumn, with a reference to the yellow of the leaves. 

    Colours combined with each other with extreme wisdom and attention, to find those tones and half tones that always create a perfect and modern balance.

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