When we say DRUMOHR, we immediately think of a historic company, which has successfully combined history, industrial traditions, manufacturing know-how and, from today, also with a green soul. In fact, the “Sustainable Lifestyle” signed by Drumohr was born, the brand’s eco-sustainable line.

The collection will mainly consist of knitwear, Drumohr’s flagship, with iconic items such as the cashmere biscuit, the Geelong brushed wool, the extrafine wool family, plus a small part of the package to complete the outfits. The knitwear yarns and fabrics of the collection, a selection of the most famous Italian spinning mills, are made with natural and recycled raw materials, whose origin and supply chain are certified and guaranteed, and have been studied and selected with extreme care to guarantee the highest standard of quality, softness and “excellence” of the finished product, a “statement” that has always been inherent in the DNA of the Brand. The recycled cashmere and lambswool fibers are obtained from selected industrial fabric scraps, and retain their qualitative characteristics of softness and softness, furthermore all the yarns have an eco-friendly certificate such as GRS, and ICEA and OAIS certifications.

Eco-sustainability also in the packaging of course, natural cotton bags, which can also be refolded for storing clothes once at home, and thus minimize the impact on the environment, and FSC-certified paper for the entire labeling of the line.
The “Sustaianble Lifestyle” of Drumohr is eco-sustainability of the materials used, the packaging of the garments but also the entire production cycle is carefully controlled in order to ensure the minimum possible impact on the environment, thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, starting by a strict control in the use of water and chemicals.

The “Susteinable Lifestyle” capsule signed by Drumohr, in addition to being available from December in all single-brand stores of the Brand, was selected, precisely for the recognized ethical and environmental value of the project, among the brands that “will have a home” at GreenPea, the the first shopping center – five floors and fifteen thousand square meters – entirely eco-sustainable which will open its doors in Turin on December. Obviously, the corner that will host the collection could also be special, a concept covered with bio-bricks made through highly technological processes with the leftover workmanship and the waste of noble yarns tied together with a mixture of recycled resins, also of certified origin). The whole blends with elegant glass and metal finishes and recycled wood hangers. A space that deliberately and perfectly communicates the philosophy and heritage of the Brand by creating a continuum between TRADITION, precisely through the use of yarn among the materials that make up the bio-bricks covering what will be the special “container” of the collection, CONTEMPORARY and SUSTAINABLE.