Chefs Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano bring spring to Terrazza Gallia

    Chefs Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano bring spring to Terrazza Gallia, the rooftop restaurant of Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Milan

    Milan, March 2022 – New menu for Terrazza Gallia, the restaurant on the seventh floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, led by talented chefs Vincenzo and Antonio Lebano. Spring enters the dishes to offer a new proposal, surprising and full of flavors, the result of a passionate search in the streets of the Mediterranean.

    The chefs started from their land, Campania, with its aromas and riches and looked up to open new taste horizons, to play with contaminations and let the sea embrace and rock those who sit at the table. The sea, the undisputed protagonist of this menu that accompanies you on a journey, while remaining in the city. The sea with memories transformed into dishes with impeccable aesthetics and with more and more ingredients. The technique leaves room for the raw material enhanced in all its truth, respected in its scent and “collected” by small producers.

    The new menu, consisting of entrée, pasta and risotto, main courses and desserts, joins the Mediterranean with the tasting menu consisting of a welcome and 6 courses, in addition to the final desserts. New this year is the Mediterranean Vegetable, a completely vegetarian tasty menu, where the chefs enjoyed playing with seasonal vegetables and fruit, offering increasingly delicious dishes. These include plin di primavera, ravioli stuffed with vegetables that will be seasoned directly at the customer’s table. From the pot to the plate, but in the dining room.

    Among the proposals not to be missed on the menu the scallop al verde, sarda and scallop, coral sauce, green spring sauce, citrus cream. The coral of the scallop, which is usually discarded, is transformed by the chefs into a kind of ice cream. Mare a terra, Il Chicco del Mulino risotto, curly endive, buffalo cream, grilled squid and candied lemons. The squid, a shellfish often little considered, is brought back to a dish by the brothers with a completely new twist and with a flavor that brings us back to Praiano, one of the most beautiful villages on the Amalfi Coast, where squid are part of the local seafaring tradition. Preserved vegetable garden, Agerola ricotta, puffed quinoa, preserved vegetables, celery and green apple sauce. Cow ricotta is typical of the area of ​​the Lattari mountains that dominate the Amalfi Coast. From Liguria to Cilento, a terrine of zucchini, flowers, Cilento goat cheese, a dish that tells of a producer who in Paestum, the land of buffaloes, instead of producing mozzarella, has chosen to create the best goat cheese that has found space in this vegetarian proposal. Every hedgehog a whim, Vesuvio Gentile pasta, raw amberjack, sea urchins, green leaf extract.

    There is no shortage of forays into the world of meat with the Albese Beef Battuta, morel mushrooms, asparagus and almond and the Poached Beef Rib, carrots, pea mousse, horseradish and Marsala vinegar reduction and three iconic dishes of Da Vittorio, like the warm salad of steamed fish and crustaceans, the Paccheri and the Milanese wing cutlet.

    It closes with desserts by pastry chef Stefano Trovisi, including Orto Dolce, candied fruit and vegetables, white chocolate and tonka bean mousse, raspberry praline and Raggio di sole, Moraiolo extra virgin olive oil ice cream, mango mousse, pineapple, passion fruit.

    The menu is accompanied by a selection of wines chosen by the Sommelier Paolo Porfidio, local and international research labels, ranging from champagnes, to reds, to whites and rosés.

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