Caviar Giaveri is a dynamic and a flexible Italian company, dedicated to produce caviar. She have a variety of different species of sturgeons, who are farmed in fish farm, it’s capable of producing high quality and various types of caviar that suits all caviar lovers needs.

    Caviar Giaveri is situated in the north East of Italy, half an hour far from the city of Venice specifically in Treviso, a nice small medieval town close to Venice.
    Unknown to the most people, Giaveri was since from the past a revealing part of the Italian culture, thanks to the sturgeon used to live in the principal Italian rivers.
    The fish farm of Caviar Giaveri was created in 1979 and by the beginning of the eighties, Rodolfo Giaveri was keen and dedicated to his fish farming and the family property raise with a beautiful river flowing in the middle of the old farm.
    Forty years after the brilliant intuition of Rodolfo Giaveri, the founder, and thanks to his whole family, we can find, on the doorstep, the favorite food of the Tsars that is second to none.
    Today the company is run by Jenny, Giada and Joys Giaveri, 3 young manager, with great passion, continue the family tradition alongside their father.

    A farm, currently the most varied in the world, of ten different species that allows you to choose from a rich variety of eco-sustainable types of caviar.
    Each specimen is cared for and followed at every stage of its growth and every aspect is meticulously cared for to ensure maximum respect for the balance of the ecosystem.
    Passion and daily patience characterize Caviar Giaveri, it takes, in fact, many years for the fish to ripen, this involves an extremely long production cycle, from 7 to 15 years and over to make caviar, depending on the species reared.
    The goal is to obtain a high quality product and this is what led to the choice to work by hand and to package the caviar directly, faithfully following the tradition which is accompanied by the most innovative technology, applied to the traceability of the entire supply chain. product and to ensure total sanitary control.
    The salting, a very delicate phase, follows a secret recipe by Caviar Giaveri, is obviously used for the natural preservation of the eggs and to better characterize the flavor of the caviar: the method is defined as “Malossol”, with little salt. Each of the egg processing stages takes place in a protected and controlled environment, a “clean room” with pure air where only authorized persons access. The rigor of the production process is testified by the most authoritative certificates, such as “IFS FOOD” higher level. With a view to continuous improvement, Caviar Giaveri has been certified in accordance with the highest standards and is a brand devoted to excellence, a recognizable style such as the quality of the caviar proposed in different selection. This is Caviar Giaveri, a recognizable style, high and transparent like the quality of the caviar proposed in different selections, distinguished by unique factors such as the natural approach, the Italian manufacture and the freshness in all phases.

    Caviar Giaveri exports high quality Italian caviar all over the world, the main countries are France, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, East (Japan, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia), Middle East and Australia .
    Caviar Giaveri is known by the most attentive connoisseurs of excellence and gastronomy.
    The company distributes its caviar thanks to its selected network: in the best wine shops, the most refined delicatessens, great restaurants, gourmet shops in Italy and around the world.
    Furthermore, you can find all the selections of caviar in the preferred formats in the company boutique and via e-commerce with delivery in 24-48 hours on the website ( Safe transport takes place through refrigerated courier or express courier selected with special packaging and glacette in order to guarantee the cold chain.

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