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    Founded in 1999 by Gianfranco Barban, Teckell crafts unique, avant-garde design pieces that allow global clients to cherish and enjoy Made in Italy craftsmanship. The design firm reinterprets and redesigns traditional games and other furnishing accessories. Meticulous engineers, passionate artists and skilled artisans all play a role. Another Teckell signature is the discriminating, striking use of precious and eternal materials such as marble, wood and crystal. The classic Biliardo and Calcio Balilla collections sport fresh looks with new details and premium finishes, while the Takto Timepieces pendulum clocks continue to reign supreme as style setters. Lastly, the new product lines introduced in 2018 are now fully incorporated into the Teckell catalogue. See the latest developments in the Scacco Collection, in particular Teckell Stratego, the multi-game board that has won over fans worldwide. Also check out Teckell Ciclotte, the indoor exercise bicycle realized with Ciclotte, a gold trophy winner in the prestigious 2018 IDA Design Awards.  Teckell crafts timeless collections with a distinctive materiality.

    Calcio Balilla Collection 

    Teckell reinterprets foosball, transforming this traditional game into a coveted, modern design piece. The collection offers an array of models. Each unites traditional and industrial manufacturing methods for a perfect balance of craftsmanship and technological innovation, manual arts and design. These tables are masters of their game, guaranteeing not only an unrivaled performance but exquisite beauty. Clean lines, magnificent crystal and harmonious shapes. Together they create the perfect equilibrium between technology and artistry. 

    In this collection: 90° Minuto – Canaletto walnut frame  A surprisingly chic spin on the timeless game of foosball. The attractively slender yet incredibly sturdy Canaletto wood legs and structure evoke the world of sailing while the luxurious, transparent crystal playing field redefines contemporary furnishings. Play the game in style until the very last minute – the 90th minuto.

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