The G. Inglese tailoring was born at the turn of the fifties of the last century, founded by Giovanni with his brothers and their mother who made shirts, thus starting to write a beautiful story that today, with the third generation, continues to give emotions , beauty, tradition and craftsmanship through artifacts now appreciated and loved in every corner of the world …
    Angelo Inglese was born in Ginosa, a small town between Taranto and Matera. From an early age he grew up in the family tailor shop, a place that helped him fall in love with what today can be called “his world”.
    The attendance of the shop, together with the traditional and rigid scholastic course, have helped to teach him simplicity, sacrifice, dedication and to refine his talent. Curiosity, the desire to learn, discover and travel, gave him the opportunity to know beauty, a quality that accompanies him at all times. The generous and benevolent welcome that the international market has reserved for his creations has allowed him to think of a business model that could respond to his ideals and philosophy. In the 2000 he bought a historic building in the historic center of Ginosa. From that location Angelo develops all the projects linked to his tailoring tradition, but above all that place helped him to design a new model that could intensify the business-territory relationship, an interpretation of beauty, art, conviviality and hospitality. To date, even if the project is not yet complete, it is particularly appreciated to the point of bringing illustrious people from all over the world to Ginosa. There are three fundamental points of this new model to which Angelo Inglese has dedicated his work:Sartorial Tourism: understood as conceiving the ancient craft of the tailor through a system that combines the recovery of traditions with innovation, tourism and employment. The recovery of local fibers: the wool used comes from Apulian livestock farms, the fibers subsequently pass through the washing and spinning phases at local companies, thus respecting the environment and territory. The creation of iconic garments: born and produced in the historic tailor’s shop, with a simple and refined taste, in a perfect combination of elegance and research, of tradition and modernity.

    Still in the research and tradition of made in Italy, the G. Inglese tailoring presented “TAILORING, DESIGN and FOOD” a project that delights the world with a beautiful all-Italian story. Pacchero UNO.61 in “Camicia” embodies all the goodness of pasta with the elegance of a “tailor made” shirt. Produced with a selection of Altamura durum wheat, with a high protein value and a low glycemic index thanks to the type of semolina used and the processing method, a pasta that is synonymous with passion, care and quality.
    The shirt bags are also made with leftover fabrics, fully embracing the cause of RECOVERY and SUSTAINABILITY. According to the tradition of tailoring, they are sewn completely by hand and closed with pure corozo buttons, with the aim of giving beauty to even the “good”.

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