By Giansandro Cantori

    Twice a year, Spring and Fall, CANIFFF is the center of Fashion and Film in Canada. SPRING brings focused events to the power players in fashion and film from daily events to the VIP evening featuring an influential audience enjoying a panel discussion, screening and networking to the who’s who in fashion and film. Consumer screening events and other engagements with sponsored partners. FALL brings daily panels and workshop and the annual awards show celebrating the best fashion films in the world.

    Bespoke the chic and cool, is a magazine dedicated to quality’, to the authentic exclusivity, to the stories of people and companies behind the scenes of this world, so selective but at the same time fascinating. Not only Saville Row, The Madeleine or via Condotti but rather the research of things, products, stories around the world chosen carefully, exclusively for  readers. The Fashion Industry made up of: designers, stylists, photographers, buyers, merchandisers, hair & makeup, PR, etc. The Film Industry made up of: directors, filmmakers, costume designers, casting agents, visual effects/sound designers dip’s, etc. AND Consumers who enjoy the inspiration from fashion films from around the world. As part of the 47 global fashion film festival’s around the world, CANIFFF is world recognized for both industry and consumer engagement. The Chic and cool understood the occasion  of a partnership.

    Bespoke magazine, The chic and cool magazine sensed the opportunity and decided to walk a piece of road together with Caniff and the Foundation Dona’ delle Rose and created a project for a Fashion film festival in Venice during the international festival of the Film. All starting from September 20121 in full post pandemic. We are still in a situation of distancing,  contacts remotely, so we are forced to launch the first edition with the jury who will meet remotely and vote for the films available in perfect  loneliness and somewhere in the world, perhaps on holiday by boat. On the other hand, this is the requirement, the mood that has accelerated in the last year and a half in producing all the visual communication remotely by not only the fashion companies for the presentation of seasonal collections but also of other sectors. , Today we have a very large presence of brands that have produced films of all kinds covering niche markets, medium to large in every sector through the language of video makers, the new creative gurus of the communication of the post-pandemic years.

    Despite the various problems encountered in recent weeks, mainly related to the pre-existing pandemic situation that does not allow as it was for the Caniff last year and this 2021 edition, to meet in one place together, however, sees us equally close remotely to view these films which are in my opinion, but not only, an advanced point of an unstoppable communication process for the future, but in many cases small works of art with an equal dignity of storytelling to the films or short films presented in the locations of the highly titled Films International Festivals: A bridge that unites film material with that of classic advertising, but which for reasons of format and length will never have an equivalent for television programming or even on the network. Therefore, a protective editorial hat was needed that the platform, The chic and cool will be supplied especially from next year with a massive program of selected films to be presented to the general public, which together with a quality jury will choose its short list of finalists for the award of the winner (s).

    While thanking you again for your presence dear jury, I urge you to choose without any kind of pre-established evaluation. Only the pleasure of each juror to attribute a value to mink works.

    Depending on its taste and natural predisposition.

    Now we want to show all the faces that make up our fantastic dream team of jurors who will have the honor and the burden of judging the first winner, the next 4th of September at Palazzo Donà delle Rose in Cannaregio, of the first edition of Venice Chic and Cool together with a selected Venetian and international public, that of great occasions. At the same time I want to publicly thank two extraordinary women without whom none of this could have happened, Chiara Donà delle Rose and Lorenza Morello who sit down on the jury. Everyone then celebrates the winner who will take everything away, together with guests, friends, public figures, actors and actresses who are the essence of a party In the lagoon, under the moonlight, in the sunset of the Giudecca canal the unmissable view that you can enjoy from the Gotham Tower building as I love to call it, flying 60 meters above the canal, in the sign of this midsummer dream. Good work to friends and may the good choices be with you.


    Gian Paolo Barbieri

    Gian Paolo Barbieri is one of the best known and most talented Italian photographers. Ranked in 1968 by Stern magazine as one of the fourteen best fashion photographers in the world, today he wins the Lucie Award 2018 for Best International Fashion Photographer. Thus began his career as assistant to the photographer of “Harper’s Bazar”, Tom Kublin. In 1964 he returned to Milan opening his first photographic studio, where he worked in fashion, taking samples and publishing photo shoots in Novelty, the magazine which later, in 1966, became Vogue Italia. From that moment he began his collaboration with Condè Nast, publishing on international magazines such as Vogue America, Vogue Paris and Vogue Germany. Characters of the scene such as Diana Vreeland, Yves Saint Laurent and Richard Avedon, are part of its history as important as the collaborations with the most iconic actresses of all time from Audrey Hepburn to Veruschka and Jerry Hall. A fundamental step in his journey is the experience with Vogue Italia together with the creation of the largest advertising campaigns for international brands such as Valentino, Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Armani, Bulgari, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and many others. others with whom he interpreted the famous creations of the 1980s, in conjunction with the conquest of Made in Italy and Italian prêt-à-porter.The nineties lead Barbieri to make several trips to discover culture without limits, combined with curiosity for distant countries and ethnic groups, for nature and for the most disparate objects according to his inspirations, then giving life to wonderful photographic books in which distant places and realities are told through his impeccable taste. Although the photos are outdoors and often immediate or fleeting, they are so “perfect” as to seem taken in the studio, combined with the spontaneity of the population and places with an elegance and style that always distinguish it, managing to intertwine the spontaneity of photography ethnographic to the glamor of fashion photography. Barbieri, requested as a photographer and artist for advertising and editorial campaigns, is present with his works in the Victoria & Albert Museum and National Portrait Gallery in London, in the Kunsforum in Vienna, in the MAMM in Moscow and in the Musée du quai Branly in Paris. An important biography of the great photographer named “The son of the king” is being written by the multifaceted writer Chiara Modìca Donà dalle Rose. The Gian Paolo Barbieri Foundation is located in Milan in Via Lattanzio 11.

    Silvia Berri

    Silvia Berri is an executive, Head of Communication and Promotion at the CEI – Italian Electrotechnical Committee, journalist and blogger by passion: for over twenty years she has been working in the Communication and Marketing sector and has been involved in all-round communication.An explosive personality and a great passion for travel and the search for new inspirations: with her Instagram channel, now a point of reference for thousands of people, she has become an ambassador of Made in Italy and promotes the search for quality and Italian craftsmanship. Always on the hunt for new brands, Silvia is a true talent scout, who sets the trend and brings a professional, honest and joyful look to today’s world. “For me, communication is everything, and this is not just about my job. Knowing how to communicate means getting in touch with other people, creating harmony and comparison, and you never know what can arise from a new meeting. For this reason I believe social media is a tool to reach other people directly, highlighting the real Silvia, without masks: the one you see in every post and story is me, with my strengths, flaws and passions “.

    Andrea Biagini

    “I am very passionate and all I think or advice is not linked to my position, but above all to my passion. I worked for the nicest division of a huge company, Michelin, in the food line, where Italy is a leader. I met many people and shared with them ideas and projects. My vision is not just a picture of Italian restaurants, but also enriched by my personal ideas … one of all the current importance of the Chef and the Restaurants as Brand Ambassador of our raw materials and of our culture in the world. I have known companies able to make the quality of their products a source of pride, others that have developed high-level product lines to raise the perception of their brand.
    A brand grows in special moments…32Consulting was born to give life to these moments”

    Marianna Bonavolonta

    Marianna Bonavolonta is an Italian entrepreneur, journalist and author. She interviews VIPs and collaborates for national and international newspapers such as the Weekly Newspaper Nuovo, Visto, Ora, Novella 2000, Livein Style, La Gazzetta dello Spettacolo, Lacerba, Hermesmagazine and many others, also she is news anchor-woman for a private network for Molise and Abruzzo.

    She trained with Carla Gozzi and Rossella Migliaccio, and became an image consultant and Style coach.  Since 2017 she has been the founder and CEO of Chic Advisor, the online guide to luxury crafts and niche stores. In 2019 he obtained a master’s degree in higher education in etiquette and good manners and is a member of the Italian Etiquette Academy.

    Giansandro Cantori

    Giansandro Cantori began his career in the mid 80’s in Milan as young publisher of a cult free ads paper In town Magazine. He has dealt with promotions and products placement in the cinema world and responsible for an advertising format for the largest chain of Italian cinemas. He worked in that period as an executive producer and partner in a production house for advertising films.
    During the following years, he worked as publisher in the luxury lifestyle market taking care of publications such as Monsieur magazine and Laureus World Sport Awards, to subsequently become editor and editorial director of Verve International, Roadbook magazine and Protagonist house of Ferretti Group.

    Today is publisher in chief of Bespoke the Chic and Cool, and he was  holds the position of Creative Director of the Beretta Gallery international as consultant,  and creative director for Fashion film Festival Venice Chic and Cool.
    He has won a Silver Lion at Advertising Cannes Film Festival with the spot “Italtel Armani, Notturno”.

    Lorenzo Carvelli

    Lorenzo Carvelli known as “Lello” has become a leading international figure thanks to his work as a PR and Event organizer for the major Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris and New York, the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals and the famous Carnival of Venice organized by his brand Noblesse Oblige, of which Lorenzo is also the founder since 2001. Lorenzo Carvelli In 2015 become Film Producer and Writer, in a very short time he was able to participate as a Producer in 6 Feature Films, 3 of which have already been released in theaters (The Elevator, Le Guerre Horrende, Youtopia) and others in post-production or under development. Currently Lorenzo continues with great effort in the realization of International Events with Noblesse Oblige and with his feature Film projects for which he has completed a collaboration as Consulting Producer and Writer for the Docu-Film “Venice Carnival Unmasked” and in UK as Executive Producer for the feature film “Give them Wings” together with his friend Director and Actor Sean Cronin.

    Contessa Chiara Modìca Donà dalle Rose

    Contessa Chiara Modìca Donà dalle Rose, Venetian by birth, divides herself between the Venetian lagoon and Sicily, she is one of the leading female figures and one of the most eclectic on the Italian scene.
    Lawyer and Board of the University of Architecture of Venice – IUAV, with a past as a university professor, Board of SkatePark Italy srl and Board of the Fabbricerie of the Cathedral of Palermo, Collector, Patron, Curator of Museums and Exhibitions, artist, writer of legal texts but also novels, film and theatrical scripts including the Musical “Judas The Guess: trial of Humanity”, “The time of game, the game of time: traveling with Ulysses”, “The other face of Corleone”, “The Bestiary in the Rose Garden”, theater actress by passion and patron by vocation as well as by family heritage, Chiara currently holds various prestigious roles including:

    – Senior Founding Lawyer of International Politeama Law Firm ( and of the Legalit lawyers network specialized in Private and Community International Law with a particular preference for Successory and Art Law, Copyright, Protection of Landscape and environmental law. Among her activities that see her often at the forefront is the protection of Human Rights at the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

    – Director and Creator BIAS – International Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art (

    President of the Donà dalle Rose Foundation, created in Venice together with her husband, and whose offices are located in Palermo and Venice at their respective family palaces (Palazzo Donà in Venice, Sestriere di Cannaregio – Palazzo Imperatore – formerly Gaetani dei Principi di Bastiglia in Palermo, in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Vergine Assunta) (

    – Worldwide spokesperson for the artist Rosamundi (

    – President of WISH – World International Sicilian Heritage to protect the artistic and architectural heritage of Sicily
    – Numerous positions in the national and collateral pavilions of the Venice Biennale, in particular she was curator and project legal manager of the National Pavilion of Iran at the 2017 Biennale, of Kazakhstan in 2019 with the Almaty museum.

    -Advisory Board for Journal of Intelligence and Terrorism Studies – Veruscript – London, from 2013 to today, Chiara nourishes numerous passions including horse riding, piano, painting and photography is immortalized by Michelangelo Antonioni, of which she jealously preserves a beautiful photo.
    She is currently engaged in the drafting of “The journey: Judas the Guess” that is the second novel of the triad begun in 2018. Among the books being written there is also a treatise on philosophy entitled “Human Posology”, also giving the title of the next Bias 2022 and “The time to forget” in which, in tackling the thorny issue of the neurological pathology of Alzheimer’s syndrome, aims to offer an unprecedented and, at times, ironic insight into life.

    She has recently been selected by the great Maestro Gian Paolo Barbieri to write the first authorized autobiography of this immense and award-winning photographer of absolute world fame.

    Gualtiero Fornetti

    Direction and Screenplay

    Expert in American Golden Age cinema and soundtracks

    Expert in American Golden Age cinema and soundtracks
    Gualtiero Fornetti
    Gruppo Cerruti – G. Armani
    Gruppo Genny Byblos – G. Versace
    Lacavera – W. Albini
    Galleria Antiquaria “La Recherche”
    Movie Art – Mostre sul cinema
    Only for Bad, very Bad Girls
    Blue Orange – The Lab
    Sculture – Gubr con Bruno Perlotti
    Magenta is not a Color – Miniseries
    Breakfast at Hollywood – Lounge Bar fashion and Movie Art

    Gianni Mercatali

    Gianni Mercatali

    Journalist. Director and communication expert

    Umberto Labozzetta

    Umberto Labozzetta

    A life in the world of music and radio Umberto Labozzetta worked for years at Radio Deejay dealing with external relations, promotion and relations with the press He continued his career working with great artists and helping to launch emerging singers, then working with multiple radio consultations events and record projects Founder together with his friend Gianluigi Petruccio -funky Radio he teaches at the Master in Communication

    Music of the Catholic University of Milan

    Angela Lo Priore

    Angela Lo Priore Biography
    Angela Lo Priore lives and works in Milan. Graduated in Literature with a thesis on Cinema, she graduated in Photography from the European Institute of Design. Professional photographer, she experimented with different forms of photography.
    Under the patronage of the first Rome Film Fest, he inaugurated the exhibition “In the cinema, portraits of international actors”. In 2006, the same exhibition was welcomed and applauded at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. In 2014 Skira published the book One Hundred Portraits, one hundred portraits of international actors.
    Her book “Eat me!” Was presented at MIA Fair 2016, forty photographs of women in relation to food. The collection of these photographs is exhibited at the gallery (fine art print in edition of five at Valerio Tazzetti’s Photo & Contemporary gallery). In 2017 the “STAIRS OBSESSION” project was born, presented at ParisPhoto November 2017 and then at the MIA Fair 2018.
    In May 2018 he was part of the VERTIGO collective as part of Fo.To Fotografi in Turin. Photo & contemporary gallery. Angela Lo Priore in September 2020 opened “A.L.P. studio & gallery ”in Milan, precisely in the Porta Romana District area. A 350sqm space used as a photographic studio, art gallery and exhibition space. It is a versatile space that lends itself to the organization of events, press conferences and presentations.
    Starting from architecture, she moved on to advertising and fashion, translating her true artistic
    expression into portraits both in the reportage she is a great lover of and in cinema, portraying
    international actors.

    Mirella Rocca

    Vice president Hoas Group company in the entertainment sector. Professionals in fashion, cinema, events, film productions, communications

    Lorenza Morello

    Lorenza Morello
    A company lawyer and founder of the Morello Consulting & Partners firm, her main area of expertise encompasses corporate restructuring plans, relationships with banking and financial institutions, debt restructuring, brokerage and consultancy in the real estate, civil, financial and tax sectors, and internationalization projects. She writes on these themes on “Il Sole 24ore”, Diritto 24 and Italia Oggi. She is a regular guest of TV news coverage and talk shows, including La vita in diretta, Rai1 and TGTG, and tv2000.

    Moreno Ferrari

    The Ligurian Moreno Ferrari completed his studies at university following courses such as philosophy, history of cinema and literature. He trained at the Gruppo Finanziario Tessile (Turin established GFT, the Financial Textile Group). 

    For ten years he was Art Director of the CP Company label.

    For three years he was supervisor for the Della Valle Group.

    In recent years he has been cooperating with the MOMO brand and with VF Corporation.

    With the City of Paris he has designed clothes for the homeless, made from waste materials.

    In 2001 he was awarded an honourable mention at the 19th ADI Compasso d’Oro Award (the Italian Industrial Design award) for the project named “The Transformables”, included in the Permanent Collection of the Triennale Design Museum of Milan.

    With increasing commitment, he devotes himself to the creation of original projects of design, self-production and textile architecture, which originate from an insightful investigation of the relationship between man and society.

    Many of his works are displayed in major museums worldwide. “LOVE”, carried out in collaboration with the Pierluigi Ghianda workshop, and “The Transformables” are part of the Permanent Collection of the Triennale Design Museum of Milan.




    “Carrefour de la création”

    2 February – 30 April 2000 



     “In Trasparenza. Vestire e abitare l’inconsistente”

    January 2001



    in collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum

    “The supermodern wardrobe”

    2 – 29 November 2000



    “Le ragioni del fare”

    19 – 24 May 2001



    “Global tools. Design im Zeitalter der Intensivstation”

    11 July  – 9 September 2001



    “Abiti naviganti”

    10-15 April 2002



    “Skin: surface, substance e design”

    14 – 15 September 2002 



    “Strangely familiar: design and everyday life”

    8 June-7 September 2003



    “Safe – Design Takes On Risk “

    November 2004 




    “Capsule d’amore ed Equipaggiamenti mobili“


    Pitti Immagine 2008

    Milano Fuorisalone 2008

    Lazzari Store 2009


    MoMA – Design Store

    “Moleskine – Detour”

    October 2009




    “Pierluigi Ghianda: Fare è pensare”

    2012 – 2013

    Alessia Schepis

    Avv. Alessia Schepis

    International developmet specialist in luxury brands

    Cristiano Sebastianelli


    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Cristiano Sebastianelli founder of Hermes Production, professionally I grew up on international sets that since 2000 have come to shoot their films in Italy from Martin Scorsese, to Antony Minghella, Mel Gibson, Wes Anderson and JJ Abramns. I had the privilege of working both in the great American productions, and with the Italian directors, Virzì, Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Paolo Genovese.
    In September 2016 I founded my company Hermes Production, with which I continue my path of growth within the film industry. With the aim of developing films that leave a tangible mark on the cinema scene.
    In 2018 we started filming “NO NAME IN THE TITLES OF THE CODA” by Simone Amendola, on the figure of Antonio Spoletini, historical collaborator of Fellini. The film was successfully presented at the 14th Rome Film Fest, and immediately shot a lot abroad thanks to festivals and a very warm service from Artè France, which circulated throughout Europe.
    In January 2020 the film obtained the Fellini100 patronage of MiBACT and on March 5 it began its life in theaters dramatically crossing the coronavirus emergency.
    Her path, however, during the pandemic period did not stop, arriving as a finalist at the Nastri d’Argento 2020 and receiving an important international award from the Association of Directors of Catalonia for “her contribution to the enhancement of all those who make the cinema their life ”, up to the distribution on the Chili, Amazon Prime Video and Mymovies streaming channels, which have generated a really solid word of mouth.
    In March 2021, Hermes Production co-produced the short film “Città d’Oro” by Francesco Giannini, shot entirely in Calabria, and began the preparation of the independent films “Metropolis” by Massimo Coglitore, “Sognando Quentin” by Kempes Astolfi , “The Last Stop” by Canadian director Francesco Giannini and “Resurection” by Russian director Salavat Vakhitov.

    Pietro Valsecchi

    PIETRO VALSECCHI was born in Crema in 1953. Ever since he was a boy he was passionate about theater and cinema, in 1991 he founded Taodue Film with Camilla Nesbitt, of which he is now managing director. His titles as Pietro Valsecchi produces for the cinema, in particulary, in 1995 earned him a David di Donatello La condanna, regia di Marco Bellocchio (1991), and La discesa di Aclà a Floristella, regia di Aurelio Grimaldi, Quattro bravi ragazzi, directed by Claudio Camarca, La ribelle, regia di Aurelio Grimaldi , Un eroe borghese, regia di Michele Placido, Testimone a rischio, regia di Pasquale Pozzessere, Il grande sogno, regia di Michele Placido, Cado dalle nubi, regia di Gennaro Nunziante , Che bella giornata, regia di Gennaro Nunziante, and more recently we see him with the extraordinary successes of Checco Zalone, I soliti idioti directed by regia di Enrico Lando , I 2 soliti idioti, regia di Enrico Lando, Sole a catinelle, regia di Gennaro Nunziante, Amici come noi, regia di Enrico Lando, Quo vado?, regia di Gennaro Nunziante, The Pills – Sempre meglio che lavorare, regia di Luca Vecchi, Tolo Tolo, regia di Checco Zalone (2020). In addition to the successes in television fiction: Distretto di Polizia , Uno bianca, Il testimone, Il sequestro Soffiantini, Paolo Borsellino, R.I.S. – Delitti imperfetti, Karol – Un uomo diventato papa , Karol – Un papa rimasto uomo, Attacco allo Stato, Nassiryia – Per non dimenticare , Maria Montessori – Una vita per i bambini, Il capo dei capi, L’ultimo padrino, Aldo Moro – Il presidente , Crimini bianchi, I liceali, La scelta di Laura, Squadra antimafia – Palermo oggi, Intelligence – Servizi & segreti, R.I.S. Roma – Delitti imperfetti, Il delitto di via Poma, Benvenuti a tavola – Nord vs Sud, Il tredicesimo apostolo – Il prescelto, Il clan dei camorristi, Ultimo – L’occhio del falco, Le mani dentro la città, Il bosco , Squadra mobile, Romanzo siciliano, Solo, Rosy Abate – La serie, Ultimo – Caccia ai Narcos. Pietro Valsecchi successful writer of Squadra Antimafia Palermo oggi – 2012 (Fabbri Editore), Benvenuti a tavola (con Andrea Grignaffini),  2012 (Fivestore), Prima famiglia – 2015 (Mondadori), La vendetta – Prima famiglia – 2016 (Mondadori)

    Angela Vettese

    Angela Vettese graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan, then completing a specialization in History of Art at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He taught History of Art at the Academies of Fine Arts in Milan and Venice (1991-1997) and the Carrara Academy of Bergamo (1994-2000). She was a lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, as part of the master in Cultural Engineering, course of Valorization de las obras de arte contemporanea (1996-1999). He teaches art history at the CLEACC (Degree Course in Economics for the Arts and Communication) of the Bocconi University in Milan. Together with Marino Folin, Marco de Michelis and Germano Celant, he designed the Faculty of Arts at the IUAV in Venice, where since 2001 he has directed the CLASAV (Specialized Degree Course in Visual Art) as an adjunct professor of Contemporary Art History. He was a member (1995-1997) of the Scientific Committee of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation for Contemporary Art. He has curated numerous exhibitions of contemporary artists and since 1986 he has collaborated on the Sunday insert of Il Sole 24 Ore. She was president of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation (2002-2013), director of the Galleria Civica di Modena (2005-2008), director of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation in Milan (2008-2010), co-curator of the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como (1995) -2004), co-founder of the Furla-Querini Stampalia Prize, co-founder of the Festival of Contemporary Art in Faenza (2007-2011). He has published essays in international catalogs and books (among publishers Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Phaidon Press, Sternberg, Koenig). He has published various texts in Italian and Spanish, including Understanding Contemporary Art (Allemandi, Turin, 1996/2006/2013), Artists one becomes (Carocci, Rome, 1998), Si fa con tutto (Laterza, Rome Bari, 2010 and 2012), Contemporary art between the market and new languages ​​(Il Mulino, Bologna 2012), Art as a Thinking Process (with Mara Ambrozic, Sternberg, Frankfurt 2013).

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